fms threads

FMS Threads

is a clothes bank for any Farmington Municipal Schools student

who may need it, no questions asked.

Appointments are made for families/students to “shop” in a
reasonably comfortable and confidential setting. Mondays after
early release and Thursdays after school are the preferred times.
Schedule a time by contacting Paul Pavlik at 505-599-0770 or or by filling out this simple form:

Students may select a couple changes of clothes, a pair of shoes,
a jacket, packs of new socks and underwear and a backpack.
The household receives hygiene items and laundry detergent.
Students can come in the fall semester and again in the spring


FMS Threads can do what it does thanks to Amazing Volunteers,
the American Rescue Plan, and generous donations. If you
would like to donate or get involved, here’s the info: