In order to participate ALL students interested in joining a sport must have:

-Physical & Medical History Forms

-Concussion Course Certificate

-Copy of Insurance Card (Front & Back) 

ALL documents need to be uploaded to RANK ONE prior to participation in any sport.

**If you have issues or questions regarding Physicals or RankOne contact Ana Flores in the office at 505-599-8612 Ext. 1210 or Brenda Riley at FHS**

*Once a parent has created an account in Rank One, they can use the same account for the rest of their students school years. Parents with multiple students can have each of their students in the same account.*

***There will be a limited amount of paper physical copies available in the office.*** 

(The trainer at FHS is the one who approves each physical so make sure to NOT wait until the last minute.)



Voluntary Transportation Forms are available at the school.